• avabahram.fan

    “A delightful cuisines and memorable place to capture your taste buds.” serves: Iranian Chinese Japanese Italian Arabic and South african dishes Free Valet Parking Free WIFI Free Home Delivery “Visit us and we will serve you well!”

  • Nahawand

    At Nahawand, we believe in providing our customers with a combination of exceptional service, fresh and original dishes and a relaxed and welcoming vibe. We’ve worked hard to listen to our customers needs, and believe first and foremost, in creating the perfect ambiance, were each customer feels right at home.

  • Cargo Dubai

    Throw in delicious ‘street food’ inspired Asian cuisine, an eclectic beverage menu and relaxed atmosphere, and you have a perfect place to meet, eat and mingle, whatever the occasion. Located in Pier 7 behind the Marina Mall, Cargo offers a refreshingly different socializing environment, an exceptional cuisine, and a cutting-edge Read more [...]

  • Red Apron

    Red Apron is an international themed fast fine dining restaurant, inspired by the traditional flavors of the East and West, combined with a relaxing atmosphere all into one location. With its simple yet wide-ranging menu on display, from home-made hot meals, freshly made salads and sandwiches, all-day breakfast, daily specials, Read more [...]

  • Cafe Funkie Town

    The quintessential café culture was pioneered in the 60’s by the Irani cafés in Bombay, passionately run by Parsis.They mushroomed all over the place by the hundreds,however, sadly you would find only a handful of them around today, endangered in existence, just like us Parsis. The bent wood chairs,marble tables, Read more [...]